Estonian Society for Laboratory Medicine

About us

Estonian Society for Laboratory Medicine (ELMÜ) was formed in 1999 as a union between laboratory physicians, specialists, clinical microbiologists and other physical and juridical persons with interest in the development of laboratory medicine field. ELMÜ is a full member of IFCC.

Among the activities of ELMÜ is the organization of annual workshops on actual topics and
concerns in laboratory medicine as well as the coordination of different workgroups.

Currently there are 9 workgroups that concentrate on the following topics:

  1. The standardization and development of terminology of laboratory medicine
  2. The implementation of LOINC terminology
  3. Clinical microbiology (including EUCAST activities)
  4. Quality workgroup (including activites such as the definiton of minimal requirements of
    verification and choosing the external assessment schemes)
  5. Cardiac markers workgroup
  6. Renal function markers workgroup
  7. Harmonization of laboratory hematology
  8. Diagnostics of urogenital infections
  9. Protein electrophoresis workgroup

As of 31.12.2022 ELMÜ has 239 members.

Dr Katrin Reimand
The secretary of Estonian Society for Laboratory Medicine